About David


I’m a licensed professional counselor and licensed¬†addictions counselor with a passion to help people to flourish. I have experience working with adolescents and adults, and look forward to helping individuals, couples, and families. My expertise includes working with addictions (chemical and behavioral), trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationships.

In counseling, I take an approach that will look at mind, body, and spirit, as I believe all of these facets of being human play a role in what is keeping us from being the person we want to be and have the capability of being. In the current political and social environment, discussion of spirituality can always be a tricky issue. During our sessions, this will focus on your spirituality. In full disclosure, I am a practicing and faithful Catholic; however, I will not proselytize during our sessions. My spirituality informs how I approach dealing with people: with unconditional love and non-judgment.

Having been a physicist in the military for 25 years, I understand the importance of the science underlying the approach to therapy. However, don’t take this to mean that I take a cold, clinical, approach to healing. Science gives us a road to follow, but the journey is made with compassion, empathy, and acceptance of one another and our thoughts and feelings.